Cricket Bats that will match your passion

FP Studio March 22, 2020 13:16:20 IST
Cricket Bats that will match your passion

AVM CRB-011 Cricket Bat, Size 5 (Blue)
The color matches India’s jersey! That might not be reason enough to buy, but we have a lot more reasons for you to consider the CRB-011. It’s perfect for beginners in the age group of 10-12 years. The AVM Cricket Bat has a sturdy build and a fantastic grip for hitting those fours and sixes! This will help your kid play and enjoy the game of cricket like never before with this size 5 bat, which helps your kid hit the ball right on the sweet spot.
Made of premium quality wood, the manufacturers urge you to use this bat to whack those sixes in Tendulkar style. Go out there and connect with all the deliveries and score centuries regularly!

SG Full Cricket Kit with Bag and with Slax brand Stumps
SG is one of India’s oldest manufacturers with India’s top cricketers having used SG bats, while SG balls are still used in International cricket in India. So a kit from SG is top drawer. It consists of an SG RSD spark Kashmir willow cricket bat, SG nexus batting leg guards, and spanking new SG campus RH batting gloves. It also consists of a superpak backpack style cricket bag, SG test thigh guard, SG Test Arm Guard and an SG tournament abdominal guard.
The bat is Kashmir Willow which is all you need to hear, if you know your bats. Along with that, you get everything with the SG legacy behind it so don’t worry. This SG kit can turn your child into the next batting maestro!

MRF Genius Players Special Virat Kohli Endorsed English Willow Cricket Bat, Short Handle
When a genius plays, the world takes notice. Virat Kohli is definitely a cricketing genius and an English willow cricket bat endorsed by him is one to get your hands on. The bat is designed using premium quality English willow while it still has a light weight for an all-round performance.
The bat handle is made from premium sarawak cane and it has a round handle shape. But if you are a good shot maker then you would be able to send the ball out of the park in all directions with this premium quality and high density willow bat. The short handle is known to help time the ball better and hit the ball more effectively. All in all, this one is a winner!

GM Sting Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat Short Handle
Another well known cricket equipment manufacturer, GM has created this top quality English willow bat which is traditionally shaped & styled for maximum stability & power. It is designed to compliment your game with explosive power and help enable aggressive shots.
The edges on this bat are massive and in terms of balance, there is none better to find than the GM Sting. The weight of the bat is on the higher side but it makes up for it through the balance and shot making ability. Time to take out the sting for your next game of early morning cricket, and show them who the real master is!

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