Count Your Steps With These Smart Tally Counters

FP Studio May 25, 2020 19:07:28 IST
Count Your Steps With These Smart Tally Counters

Step up your cardio game!

The Tiny Deal TDL25563 Digital Electronic Tally Counter has an adjustable circle round with a reset count button. It mechanically jumps with every press making it easy to use. The Digital Tally Counter has a 5-digit LCD screen display and is ideal for walking and other exercises. This product is fast gaining popularity among spiritual people who want to use it for hymns, chants, and prayers.

It comes with a built-in battery and is easily portable. The Tiny Deal Digital Electronic Tally Counter is convenient to use with a compatible design, adjustable strap, and easy visibility on the screen.

Small yet powerful

The ASTROGHAR Mini Hand Tally Counter Finger Ring Digital Electronic HeadCount, Japa Counter is a small, compact tally counter with an LCD screen display. The circle round is adjustable and can be easily fixed on your finger to operate. As the name suggests this product is targeted at people who like to keep track of their chants. Like other tally counters, even this has a reset button to help with Xero clearing. This tally counter might very well replace traditional prayer beads. The device can also be used easily at docks and bus stations and other such locations.

Fits on your finger easily!

The Inditradition Digital Hand Tally Counter is a must-have product for sports and gaming enthusiasts. It is equipped with a manual press for each lap count and can count up to 99,999 digits which means it is a 5-digit finger strap counter with an LCD display and a reset button. The Inditradition Digital Hand Tally Counter has an adjustable finger strap that helps in easy wrapping providing the user with a comfortable counting experience.

Looks great, is super light, and works fantastic!

The Hanumex Steel Hand Held 4 Digit Manual Tally Counter is another counting device that can be put to efficient use. It’s small, stylish and sleeky look makes it for most sporting activities. The Hanumex Steel Hand Held 4 Digit Manual Tally is a lightweight device with a compact build making it easy to carry.

In addition to sports, the device can be used for unlimited counting chores including traffic analysis, attendance, sporting events, farming and ranching operations, inventory control, surveys, and production counting. The count ranges from 0000 to 9999 as it has a 4-digit display.

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