Cool teething products for your growing baby

FP Studio May 28, 2020 16:40:47 IST
Cool teething products for your growing baby

Let teething be fun for your baby

This one is perfectly shaped to fit into a baby's small mouth while also preventing any gagging or choking. BAYBEE teething toys have soft sensory BPA proof natural silicone in stimulating bright sensory colors which work great!. Easy-grip and super lightweight, your baby will have no trouble grasping, lifting, and developing their motor skills. With safety certification that meets stringent European standards, even cleaning and maintaining is easy. Simply wash with warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly and wipe dry before giving it to your child. To give your child a unique teething experience, place the teether in the main compartment of the refrigerator (not freezer) to cool it and then give it to your baby to enjoy. You won’t regret buying this!

Teething doesn’t need to be difficult for the baby

If your baby isn’t allergic to grains and nuts, these ajwain jaggery sticks are the perfect treat any time they get cranky. While it is best if they have a couple of teeth to bite and chew, you can even dip these in milk to help soften it up for little ones with no teeth. These travel friendly, whole wheat bread sticks make for a healthy finger food option especially if they are learning to eat independently. Made with ingredients like ajwain and jeera, these vegan sticks aid digestion and replace butter with cold pressed groundnut oil. Baking soda free, these jaggery and date sweetened treats have no preservatives, colours or artificial flavours making both moms and babies love them equally. It’s safe, convenient, and healthy all at the same time.

Keep your baby entertained and engaged with this funky teether

Babies love textures and sounds and things that produce different results every time you touch them. This snuggly teether toy has a range of features like unique textures and crinkle corners that will keep your baby entertained for a long time. Your baby won’t be able to get enough of the soft cuddly Fox body, the feet to chew on, and the ring in the middle which is great for grabbing and encouraging motor skills. Designed with bold colours, playful prints and soft fabrics plus three BPA-teethers textured teethers for nibbling, it even makes the perfect gift for a baby shower! Highly recommended.

Keep your baby smiling throughout the teething process

Safe and non-toxic, these Wishkey teethers are made of quality silicon - a material that’s stable and virtually harmless. Designed for teething tots from 6-12 months, this 3-in-1 fresh food and fruit feeder works to calm and soothe your baby while providing a nutritious snack at the same time. Simple to clean, this no-choke design prevents accidental swallowing and also has an easy grip handle and rattle features. Convenient to travel with or gift to new parents, its bright colours and textured, colourful beads hold the baby's attention and keep them entertained. Easy to clean, simple wash it with warm soap water, or boil to sterilize. This is a must-buy for your baby!

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