Contemporary sculptures to add class to your home

FP Studio December 22, 2020 12:47:16 IST
Contemporary sculptures to add class to your home

Brass Charging Bull

ESplanade brings this Beautiful Brass Charging Bull. It is a Wall Street Charging Bull or a Bowling Green Bul. Charging Bull denotes the upward market trend and generally represents rising market prices. Astrologically, Charging Bull statues are symbolic of passion, transformation, virility, strength and fulfilment. It is 5 Inches in height and made up of brass. This Bull will definitely jazz up any mantelpiece with elegance and is made of brass. The exclusive Royal Brown colour adds to its appeal!

Handmade Turtle showpiece

Coshal Art brings a beautiful Handmade Brass Dhokra Crafted Idol. It is perfect for Home Décor. It is an Animal Sculpture. Dhokra making process has several steps, which include making clay model, giving designs of bee-wax on dried clay, applying two layers of clay on wax design, and creating channels for molten brass. It has a vintage look which looks rich. It is handmade which makes each piece very unique and is made in India which supports our local manufacturers. This turtle looks really elegant and can be easily placed on your centre table or even on shelves. The showpiece is small in size and durable since it is made of brass.

Lion sculpture

Uneeke shape brings this gorgeous Lion Welcome Statue. It has an antique Look and is gold plated, shiny and glossy. It is a highly detailed sculpture. It can be used as a piece on your table, showcase, fridge, shelf etc. It has a unique design and is made of hard plastic which is then hand painted to give the look of an expensive metal antique piece. Impress your guests with this expensive metal looking item. It's low priced but looks like high quality expensive metal.

Elephant head Sculpture

This sculpture is by Royal handicraft. It is an Elephant Animal Head Sculpture. It will add a Creative touch to the Wall Décor. It is laser-cut with a precision fit and is easy to assemble. It is made up of MDF wood. It is a wildlife beautiful modern design decor for home, office and a gift for crafts loving. It is a good product that lasts for a long time. This is a handicraft product and the design is based on a 3D transformation system which builds into a strong animal head sculpture.

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