Comfortable disposable diaper brands for your little bundle of joy

FP Studio February 21, 2021 01:38:37 IST
Comfortable disposable diaper brands for your little bundle of joy

Snug as a bug

As a brand, Huggies is very particular when it comes to quality diapers. Their premium soft pants feature a silky cocoon design that ensures breathability. The cushioned waistband fits snugly and doesn't irritate your baby's skin while the outside of the diaper is covered in a silky fabric that doesn't snag on an onesie or baby blanket. Inside, their bubble bed technology allows liquid to spread evenly over the surface so your baby won't suffer any uncomfortable, soggy spots. The wetness indicator changes color to remind you when you should change the diaper.

Eco-friendly and green

Stave off diaper rash with these hypoallergenic diapers from Pampers. This Pure Protection range from the brand has undergone stringent clinical testing so they guarantee a quality product made with the safety of your baby in mind. If you're trying to cut down on your carbon footprint, these diapers may be the answer. They're manufactured without chlorine bleaching, fragrance, parabens, and EU allergens and are made with renewable electricity and sustainably sourced fluff pulp. All this translates into a pair of premium cotton, soft-as-a-cloud diapers with up to 12 hours of leak protection and a wetness indicator too.

Toddler friendly

Little toddlers who have lots of adventures through the day need diapers that do double duty. During the day, they stay put while your little one runs around. They also have a wetness indicator, a breathable fabric, a comfortable fit, and leak-proof side cuffs that help you stay ahead of any accidents while potty training. At night, the Little Baby Pants Diapers offers 12-hour absorption. This allows your child to get a good night's sleep so that he wakes up well-rested and ready for mischief every morning.

Happy Baby

Start parenthood off on the right note by taking your baby home from the hospital in Pampers Premium Care Pants. These diapers come doctor-approved and recommended. The premium pants feature 3 air channels that allow for air circulation and prevent rashes and irritation. The inside of the diaper is infused with aloe vera which acts as a barrier to help protect your baby's skin. Other important features include a wetness indicator, a convenient disposable tape that helps fold and seal the diaper after you take it off, and a stretchy waistband.

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