Comfortable Board Shorts for beach

FP Studio December 14, 2020 18:07:36 IST
Comfortable Board Shorts for beach

Surfing shorts
These Olaian Long Surfing Boardshorts are two-directional material and mesh net to limit chafing and burns. It has Stretch fabric. The stretch fabric follows the movements of the surfer and hence is very convenient for the surfer. It is a Water repellent fabric so encourages quick drying and it does not retain water. It is made of 100 percent polyester. The shorts have a standard fit and are of appropriate length. The best thing about the boarding shorts is that it comes with 2 years’ warranty. This can be used by anyone who would want to invest in good shorts which are durable.

Beach shorts
The shorts are from the company called Viva sports. These are perfect beach shorts in the colour green making it totally beach appropriate. The brand is established as well. It is made of 100% Micro fibre fabric. The shorts can be used by adults as well. The shorts have a Lining of 100% Polyester material. The shorts are quick dry and very easy to wash. The shorts are durable due to its material. The shorts are of good length which makes them comfortable and convenient. The shorts are stylish and innovative sports-wear and can be used by aspiring sports players as well as anyone who is new to this.

White half shorts
These white half shorts by Henco are unisex and especially classy. There is no monogram - logo printed on the shorts. Dress is made plain pure white, since it is compulsory instruction in SSB interviews. It is made of very soft and light weight material. It dries quickly. The fit is premium due to quality fabric with many micro spaces. It enable air to flow easily, feels cool & comfort and allows body to better movement in every direction. It has turbo dry i.e. Air dry technology is used primarily to keep body dry and help athletes to feel light and fresh even after long time of activity in the field or off- field. The fabric does not cause rashes and itching, it protects body from being damp, keeps your sweat quick dry since it has anti-microbial and sweat wicking technology, and can be worn full time in a day. It is easy to wash having double stitching.

Therma flex
These therma flex shorts are red in colour. They are made of azani brand fabric. Azani fabric is quick-drying, ultra-soft & has a more natural feel. It has 11-inch inseam for a slight below the knee sleek look. The shorts are specially made to ensure that young athletes do not suffer and face any issue. It helps them and the brand tries to incorporate different technologies to make the experience even better. The 2 concealed side zipper pockets can be used to store your valuables and essentials without sacrificing lightweight design. The material wicks sweat & dries really fast. It has an encased elastic waistband with external draw cord.

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