Combine fun and learning with these science board games

FP Studio November 23, 2020 09:18:07 IST
Combine fun and learning with these science board games

Saving Water

Saving water is of utmost importance today as we are constantly being reminded that if we don’t save now, the future generations may face extreme water scarcity. So, a lesson on rain water harvesting is extremely valuable today and here is a game that will add the fun to your lesson. It comes with an organized mini project that enables your kid to make every part required for the process. Your kid will learn to build a hand pump, taking out water from pit, collecting and channeling the water, etc. They also learn scientific concepts that are involved in making this project. Butterfly Kids Mini Rain Water Harvesting System is a unique way of exploring your kid’s creativity and interests.

40 exciting experiments

Is your kid always interested in learning stuff related to science? Then here is the perfect game for them. This is a chemistry kit that includes 40 interesting experiments. This kit will definitely make them fall in love with science and learning. All the experiments are related to a different theory or subject in science. The experiments involve learning about color changing, creating crystals, making soaps, setting up underwater volcanoes, etc. Einstein Box Science Experiment Kit is very safe and can pose as a perfect birthday gift for kids of age 7-10.

Easy chemistry

This kit makes learning chemistry fun! Explore-My Chemistry Lab allows your kid to become a scientist and learn different topics related to chemistry. These include states of matter, chemical reactions and concepts like reactivity osmosis mixture, etc. These experiments are easy, fun to do and absolutely safe. It includes apparatus like safety goggles, food coloring, spatula, beakers, funnel, balloons, an instruction manual, etc. Apart from what is inside the box, you also learn to do experiments with daily household items. It is time to get your kids ready for a fun chemistry experience.

STEM Learning

Here is a fun game that involves creative experiments to teach your kid about real life experiences. This product involves three different theme based experiments that are interesting and can be done more than once. These DIY activities will inspire and attract your kids towards science. Genius Box Explosive Science Activity Kids will teach your kids about nature of substances, acidity and basicity, heat transfer, etc. This experiments kit aids in improving your kid’s concentration, observation skills, creativity, imagination and critical thinking.

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