Closet organizers for neat and tidy storage

FP Studio November 27, 2020 10:04:26 IST
Closet organizers for neat and tidy storage

Customize the space

This pack of three white metal organizers are in a very sleek and classy design that easily separates and creates multiple shelves in your big sized wardrobe or closet. These iron shelf dividers allow you to customize the space between the sleeves as per your needs enabling you to store and organise anything and everything from clothing apparels to footwear to accessories. Wardrobe Closet Separator has clamp type holding with a design that allows you to hang your clothes on hangers too. It is overall a best buy for everyone.

Space saving organizer

A hanging clothes organizer made of high quality non woven fabric along with bamboo and charcoal which keeps the contents odour free and moth free. This product comes with hooks and loops to secure them on closet rods and bars. Home Style India Hanging 4-Shelf Closet Cloth Organizer is sturdy and erect that folds quickly and perfect to keep towels neat and tidy in the bathroom closet for easy mess free access.

Multipurpose organizer

A rectangular storage bags set that contains two bags for large clothes storage and one for medium clothes storage. They are provided with handles on both sides to facilitate convenience to carry with reinforced seam making them more durable and stable. Made of high quality non woven lightweight fabric, it has a clear window for easy viewing so that you can spot your clothes in a jiffy. House of Quirk Set of 4 Foldable Storage Box is best fit for sarees, comforters, blankets, etc.

A set of four boxes

A high quality non-woven polypropylene fabric made organizers that have a meticulous stitching to make it strong and durable. It is foldable and very flexible allowing a very easy storage. This product comes in a set of four, each of different size and styles which makes it easy to store and organize various clothing items. House of Quirk Set of 4 Foldable Storage Box is moisture proof and has a good permeability thus suitable for ties, undergarments and socks.

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