Cleaning mops with buckets under Rs 2000

FP Studio August 14, 2020 18:44:19 IST
Cleaning mops with buckets under Rs 2000

Two detachable buckets for clean and dirty water

This mop comes with two stackable buckets with compartments to keep clean and dirty water separately. It has compact design and detachable buckets make it easy to store. The mop has its handle made of expandable stainless steel and quick lock and its head is made of cotton microfibers that has an excellent absorbing capacity which cleans all types of floors getting them rid of dust, dirt, hair and other stubborn particles. The 360 degrees pivoting head makes it easy to clean edges, corners and difficult areas like under the bed and sofa. Thus it proves to be best for residential use. Gala Twin Bucket Spin Mop has a liquid dispenser and a quick spinner that quickly removes excess water and dirt. It also has a drain outlet. Easy and hygienic for the choosy cleaner.

Uses less amount of water

This bucket is made of high grade lightweight plastic which makes it durable and easy to use. It is designed in a way which requires less water to get the cleaning done thus saves water. Its spinner rinses the microfiber mop head with convenience ensuring your hands don’t indulge with dirty water. The handle of the mop is made of steel which can be adjusted according to one's comfort and requires less maintenance. Prestige PSB 01 Deluxe Plastic Clean Home Magic Mop has extra absorbent microfibers ensure there is no longer dripping of dirty water on floors. It has a solution dispenser and drainage outlet too. If you are looking for a durable mop that requires less water to clean this one's for you. Perfect for areas that have irregular or less water supply.

Easy to move around

The bucket is made of highly durable plastic and a steel made wrringer basket. The handle of the mop has a 360 degree spin head and is equipped with a clip mechanism to lock the handle at a height that you are comfortable with. The microfiber material used in this mop has 3X times superior water absorbency making it clean all surfaces from any kind of spots, dust and dirt. It is very easily portable owing to the big wheels and the handle attached to the rim with help of which the bucket can be slid across the surface smoothly. Thus it makes Spotzero by Milton Prime Mop perfect for mid aged people. It has a liquid dispenser included along with a drainage plug making it very convenient to flush out the dirty water. Perfect for a big home.

Eliminates the need of broom
This mop has a sleek design which can reach in any and every corner leaving no marks on the floor of mopping. Pureatic mop bucket is equipped with advanced self-squeeze technology that keeps your hand free from dirt. It has 2 grooves for wet and dry each which facilitates the mop head to wash in wet side for deep cleansing and strong dehydration for dust removal in dry side. It thus very efficiently works for dual purpose - dry as well as wet cleaning replacing your broom. It works best for commercial purposes though can also be used for residential one too. It uses washable microfiber pads that can be used and rewashed making this a cost effective purchase. This is great for the multi-tasker.

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