Clean your clothes better with these top clothes bars

FP Studio March 04, 2021 19:00:44 IST
Clean your clothes better with these top clothes bars

Retains clothes’ shine
Popular for its one-stroke action cleaning, this bar is also known for washing away tough dirt & stains from your clothes. With its bright clean technology, scientists at the research and development lab of this detergent bar have come up with a winning combination of a product. This detergent is able to retain the shine of both, white and colourful clothes. It works effectively even on cuffs, collars, and also removes the dullness, thereby returning the lost charm to clothes. The product is created to minimise the effort you put into getting rid of any stains and Washing clothes altogether. This soap bar is perfect for you if you wash your clothes every day.

Keeps white clothes stain-free
A popular player in the detergent space, this is yet another budget stain removal detergent, which has made its space in households & hearts for decades. This detergent soap bar is a champion at removing stubborn stains stuck to white clothes. Containing blue and bleach, its key purpose is to ensure white garments don’t go dull with frequent use. The bar is made longer to reach vast real estates of the fabric so that you don’t have to assert much effort to wash your clothes. Perfect to wash white uniforms and garments, this soap bar will keep your clothes as good as new.

Environment-friendly detergent bar
Tough on stains caused due to sweating, pollution, oils, and others, this detergent is among the best detergent soaps in India for white clothes. One of the few detergent companies that are ecologically aware, this detergent bar soap is made without the formulation of any phosphates. It is common knowledge that the soap water is used to wash clothes ends up polluting the groundwater. It can also turn soil uncultivatable. This detergent bar soap is tough on your stains, soft on your clothes, and mindful of the environment.

Gentle on hands
This detergent bar soap is touted as India’s most premium detergent bar that combines the cleaning benefits of adding vinegar, bleach, lemon and blue. It works wonders on white clothes as well. With the capability of removing tough stains like tea, curry, turmeric, ketchup & even chocolate, this detergent soap is gentle on your hands and clothes simultaneously. It has a maximum shelf life of 24 months. This soap bar is among the essentials you can buy and store in your pantry or closet.

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