Clean up spills and drops with these top kitchen towels

FP Studio January 16, 2021 12:33:17 IST
Clean up spills and drops with these top kitchen towels

Kitchen Towel

Super soft, super absorbent.
Meal preparation is one of the most tedious and messy parts of cooking. And there's inevitably clean up after it's completed too. This is why we need a few handy kitchen towels that absorb well, are just the right size and don't stain easily. Amazingly absorbent, these microfiber towels are soft enough to use on all surfaces without fear of scratches or streaks. Easy to clean and dry, they gently lift dirt and grime off surfaces and do an excellent job with wet spills. If you're looking to get the most use for your money, get this set.

The paper towel that does it all.
This pack of 2 ply kitchen tissue has 6 Rolls and 60 pulls per roll. That gives you plenty of cleaning power to tackle almost any kind of a mess. Eco-friendly and super absorbent, these rolls tick all the right boxes and last for a long time. Sturdy enough to deal with the most intense messes and spills, its high quality means you get an odourless product that leaves no lint behind. If you're looking for disposable kitchen paper towels, this is your safest pick.

Reusable option to kitchen paper towels.
In our mission to use fewer paper towels and create less waste, we are also always looking for great alternatives. Made with the latest technology to ensure superior quality and hygiene, we found them handy and absorbent enough to wipe up wet messes, clean counters and cupboards with ease. Besides they have an added advantage - they are made from regenerative forest resources or recyclable materials. Highly absorbent and easy to reuse over and over again, stick one of these non-woven towels in a dispenser, so you always have a convenient option closeby. If you're looking for kitchen towels that ensure you have a gentle impact on the environment, this set is a must-have.

Paperless cleaning made simple.
These conveniently sized cleaning cloths off the best features of a sponge, paper towel and dish rag in a range of cheery colours. Budget and environmentally friendly, these cleaning cloths clean everything quickly and efficiently. Instead of wood pulp from trees, these are made from sustainable plant cellulose and can be easily cleaned and sanitised for long term use. Using dry helps break down crusty messes or wet if you need a softer cloth. If you're looking for an option that's kinder to the planet, get this one today.

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