Clean teeth thoroughly with these top dental floss products

FP Studio January 27, 2021 11:09:23 IST
Clean teeth thoroughly with these top dental floss products

Best fixed flossers

Single-use and non-shredding, these three packs of fixed flossers are great for removing plaque. For someone who wants to take their dental hygiene more seriously, these are the easiest way to start. Ergonomically designed these are shaped to give you better access to difficult parts of your mouth daily. Easy to use and useful for daily use, using these days after your meals is the best way to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

The classic favourite

Brushing your teeth is not enough to keep your mouth healthy. Oral-B's traditional dental floss comes with a beautiful minty flavour and is the best way to keep plaque from building up. In one easy, extra step, you can improve your oral health and avoid infection and disease. This floss has a thin filament that helps clean all around the teeth and gums without shredding. Soft and flexible, it gently gets rid of any leftover food that may become lodged in between teeth and cause cavities. Buy this if you need help sliding between spaces that your toothbrush cannot reach.

The best disposable flossers

Easy to use, manoeuvre and travel with, these plastic picks are made of lightweight plastic with a nylon wire that's sturdy and durable. Glide the floss in between the teeth in a back-and-forth motion and remember to do it gently to avoid damaging the teeth and gum tissues. If you aren't dextrous enough to wrap slippery filament around your fingers and clean your teeth and gums, then this high-quality flosser is the one for you.

Stay fruity fresh

There are several reasons regular flossing is essential. But basically, much of it comes down to helping you avoid plaque build-up and gum disease. This nylon dental floss helps remove all plaque from teeth while leaving you with a fruity strawberry-scented breath. Brushing alone can't remove plaque from tight spaces. Using this waxed dental floss, you can easily slide the floss in between teeth to remove plaque and excess food particles that may be stuck in your mouth. Get it if you want a more comfortable interdental cleaning experience.

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