Classy pocket watches for men

FP Studio December 31, 2020 01:00:17 IST
Classy pocket watches for men

Stainless steel

Yellow Chimes brings this Pocket Watch Pendant with Chain for Husband. It is a Unique Memorable Gift which is a Dual Purpose Stainless Steel Clock for Men. open the front plate by pressing the crown at the top of the watch, pull the crown and turn the crown clockwise if time proofreading correctly, then press the crown back as normal. In this way you can set the time. Adorable Pocket Watch is well made with stamped encouraging words. Great for people who value sentimentality.

Retro style

This is a Classic Vintage looking Retro Antique Owl Chain Pocket Watch. Premium alloy Watch case and chain, high quality and durable. Modern quartz movement makes the watch an accurate and constant time keeper. Stylish owl pocket watch with wings is a compliments receiver, which makes you charming in all occasions. It is a must have for owl lovers. The vintage owl pocket watch can tell time, also, it is an elegant necklace with the removable chain. The funny pocket watch nicely balancing a vintage charm with modern day convenience will make you the main attraction.

Antique design

Artvarko has this Antique Black Locket Pocket Watch. It has a bronze metal chain. It is a very stylish pocket watch with engraving on it. This high quality antique style is a perfect addition to a formal or casual dressing or a great collection. The watch case diameter is around 5 cm long. It has a long chain length which is very convenient. An elegant timepiece that is sure to become a treasured family heirloom. You can even use this as a gift for multiple occasions.

Butterfly cover

Kartique brings Full Hunter Pocket Watch with Chain. It has a Butterfly Cover. this antique pocket watch keeps the proper time, pull the watch winder to set the time, and press the watch winder to open the watch case easily and keep the pocket watch perfectly moving and working all the time. Please keep the watch away from magnets. This little timepiece is more than your expectation even for decoration. This steampunk pocket watch with chain is made of classic matte bronze instead of gold, which shows its uncommon class and style.

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