Classy hanging planters for your home

FP Studio November 18, 2020 09:26:56 IST
Classy hanging planters for your home

Best for a home herb garden

Perfect for brightening up your balcony or even a window grill, we're sure you'll love these durable planter tubs. This set includes five vibrantly coloured hanging planters. With a depth of 12.5-inches, the tub design of these planters is excellent for growing most small herbs and vegetables from tulsi to chillies easily. Crafted from high-quality metal and powder-coated paint, you won't have to worry about these planters rusting or breaking. Lightweight and easy to move these planters can be easily moved around to change the layout of your garden. For a balcony garden that will make you the neighbours envy, you should buy this set.

For indoor and outdoor use

Featuring a vertical hook design and solid colours, these attractive planters are perfect for small balconies or sunny windows. Made from high-grade plastic, these sturdy pots come with a promise to be unbreakable. You're sure to appreciate the reinforced mounting hooks that give you peace of mind knowing that your planters will stay secure after mounting them. With a leak-proof design, you can use this product to create a hanging garden or even use them to display cut flowers indoors. Available in White, green, yellow, red, orange, purple, these planters can instantly brighten up a dull room. For a great blend of functionality and neat design, you can't go wrong buying these.

Ideal all-weather planters

Take advantage of these planter's space-saving design and add more greenery to your home without taking up much space. These fantastic planters have removable hooks that give you the freedom to use them on flat surfaces like tabletops or hang them on railings. The pre-galvanized metal body makes these containers resistant to corrosion and ideal for use outside in all seasons. The fine powder coating on the outsides makes maintenance a breeze as you can easily wipe dirt and stains away with a wet cloth. If you're looking to turn your balcony or windows into amazing mini-gardens, we highly recommend buying these planters.

Long-lasting home garden solution

Available in a variety of bright colours, these hanging pots let you effortlessly arrange your favourite plants without any additional accessories. The handy hanging design helps you to utilize your walls and other spaces around the home while unleashing your creativity. These come with a non-detachable, sturdy handle hook that allows you to mount it on railings and grills of various sizes. At a price that your wallet will love, the impressive quality of these pots makes them extremely durable and ensures that you won't have to replace them for years.
For a set of five high-quality railing pots at pocket-friendly rates, make these your choice.

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