Chop your veggies with ease with these electric mini choppers

FP Studio February 15, 2021 09:51:09 IST
Chop your veggies with ease with these electric mini choppers

Comes in Turbo option

With two speed options, normal and turbo, this mini chopper is a handy appliance to have around which makes your daily cooking tasks easier. Forget painful tears while chopping onions or smelly sticky hands. You can use this mini chopper even in haste without worrying about slicing your finger. Use the chopper to chop and mince your potatoes, onions, garlic, capsicum or other veggies. You can even store the chopped veggies in the freezer in an air container to keep it perfectly fresh till you are ready to use! Get this simple and affordable kitchen aide today!

Has a double-layer stainless steel blade system

This bullet electric chopper is powerful, sleek, and versatile. From chopping daily food preparation such as chopping vegetables, or making healthy snack by cutting fruits and nuts, or simply crushing ice for your favourite cocktail. All of this is now easy with this electric chopper. It features a double-layer stainless steel blade system and powerful a 400-watt motor. So harder veggies like carrots and cabbages are also chopped in a jiffy. This electric chopper absolutely tops in terms of performance, overall quality, and convenience.

Does not slip while using

This bullet comes with a 400W motor that works silently to assist you in chopping, dicing, and crushing effectively. The 500ml polycarbonate bowl gives you good working capacity for all your cooking needs. This break-resistant and transparent bowl is made of food-grade material to retain the freshness and flavour of all your preparations. The four blades make cutting actions even more efficient. The non-slip ring prevents the chopper from slipping as well as makes the base sturdy thus reducing vibrations in operation.

Whips cream and more

This electric chopper comes with a transparent jar for that extra durability and provides you with full visibility to chopping levels. It also features a press button at the top that makes it easy to use and gives you better control for fine chopping. With this electric chopper, you can not only chop onions and vegetables, but also whip cream, cut fruits and nuts, or crush ice. It can chop coarse, medium, or fine. It also comes with whipper thus making it versatile. If you have been looking for an electric chopper that is compact and attractive in design and easy to store in the kitchen shelf, this chopper is perfect for you.

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