Cathouses and scratching posts for your feline pets

FP Studio February 17, 2021 22:32:14 IST
Cathouses and scratching posts for your feline pets

Standard size

Atina India’s fish-shaped scratching tower is a standard size for all the cats except the huge ones. It comes with a toy cat and a plush ball for the cats to play with. The scratch post is wrapped in Sisal (an eco-friendly material) which is safe for the pets. It is made of high-quality materials such as plush, wool pad, lawn, beautiful natural hemp rope and other completely non-toxic materials. ATINA India’s Cat Scratching post is made in India. Good for urban households.

Stable frame

PoochBox’s Cat Tree’s high-density board provides more stability for the climbing frame. It is only for the kittens. It comes with a small toy mouse which the kittens like playing with. The cat tree is made of plush cloth and non-toxic materials. It doesn't have any odour, formaldehyde and any toxic dyes. The colour of this cat tree is very stylish. It has a small climbing frame and is easy to carry. It is suitable for all types of home. The base is very sturdy and makes them shelf-stable. This makes it easy for the cats to play on it. This product is sold by TroyKart Enterprises and is made in China.

For bigger cats

The AmazonBasics Cat Tree is large in size with the triple platform and seven scratching posts. The scratching posts are wrapped with jute. The top platform has curved sides as a bed for the cat. The base is made as a square so that it's easy to be placed anywhere in the room corners. The treehouse is made up of MDF, carpet, paper tubes and jute. Simple screw-together assembly and tools are included with it. This product is manufactured by Jiangsu Zhongheng Pet Articles Joint-Stock and is made in China.

4 Platforms

Callas Rio & me’s cat tree is exclusively for kittens. It comes in a beige colour. The cat tree promotes exercise and is a good place to climb up as it has 4 platforms with a scratching post. The cat tree is made of highly durable compressed wood and is wrapped with quality plush fabric to keep the kitten warm. It comes with dangling toys for the kittens to play with. It contains a cat cave. It is manufactured by Callas and is made in India.

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