Calligraphic Lettering is Easy With These Top Four Tools

FP Studio February 26, 2021 12:22:42 IST
Calligraphic Lettering is Easy With These Top Four Tools

Designed for Modern Calligraphy Uses
Suitable for beginners because of the way the tools have been designed, this product comes in handy for people who are interested in calligraphy but have never done it before. The box contains a set of the assorted tools you will need for any kind of lettering and calligraphy. It has 7 dip nibs, an oblique holder, a nib holder and a wooden manga holder. You don’t have to worry about buying ink separately when you start out, as the set includes a small 30ml bottle of black ink and a few cards to start off with. This set is also great for gifting. Buy it if you are planning on trying calligraphy for the first time.

Nibs in different styles and sizes
This calligraphy pen set contains one main pen body i.e. a cap and a barrel and 6 different styles of nibs which can be interchanged as per your preference. Each nib has its own unique way of flowing on the paper. Hese nibs are gold plated to look classy and impressive during use. Also, unlike an ink bottle, this set includes 6 cartridges which makes things quite user-friendly by ensuring there is no mess. These cartridges simply need to be pushed towards the nib until they fit, test the ink flow and then you can begin. The set also contains a converter which allows you to use ink from a bottle as well. Ge this product for its user-friendly cartridges.

Free-flowing tips in 3 different sizes
If you’ve just set out into the world of calligraphy, nothing could be simpler and more convenient than using this set of three pens. All 3 pens have the same black ink but come with readymade tips in 3 different sizes - 1.0mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm - which means it not only saves you time but also makes sure that the entire process is not messy by giving you freedom from changing tips. What’s even better is the way these tips move on paper with each stroke you give and are perfect for scripts that move from left to right like Latin and Devanagri, right to left like Urdu or even traditional Chinese script which is written top to bottom. Buy this product if you don’t want the trouble of changing nibs.

Polished stainless steel nibs
This calligraphy set not only looks sophisticated but is just as high quality to use. In fact, it is so user-friendly that anyone who wants to use it will feel comfortable holding the pen in a matter of seconds. The pens come with polished stainless steel nibs which are rollerball in style which assures a consistent fluidity so you can write seamlessly. This pack includes two extra nibs and also cartridges for refill. In case you want to use a different ink, you will need a converter to add it into the barrel. Buy this product if you’re looking for something that can be used for calligraphy as well as for any other type of writing.

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