Cake moulds that are every home baker’s dream come true!

FP Studio March 19, 2020 20:54:43 IST
Cake moulds that are every home baker’s dream come true!

Flyngo Round Aluminium Non-Stick Baking Cake Moulds

You don’t have to watch in awe as famous television chefs turn out perfect wedding feasts and baked cheesecakes. Use these cake pans to get perfectly shaped cakes anytime you quickly and easily. The removable bottom is held firmly in place by a spring bracket and the detachable bottom is perfect for baking three-layered cakes, cheesecakes, coffee cakes, pizzas, frozen desserts and more. Choose from a set of three sizes, 18CM, 20CM and 22CM to make the most elaborate treats. Complete with a high-quality stick-resistant coating these molds allow you to release the dessert from the mold without any sticking to the sides. Start baking now with this fantastic product!

Bakers Paradise Aluminium Square Shape Cake Mould

The most versatile shape you can hope for, the square mold is perfectly suited to a whole range of desserts. We thought this was extremely useful for making everything from a simple Victoria sponge cake to layered chocolate cake. Made of high-grade brushed aluminum, this pan makes baking a dream because it distributes heat quickly and evenly. This is particularly useful to avoid warped sheet cakes or leaning layer cakes. The convenient 7-inch size allows it to fit into any OTG, convection oven or even pressure cooker without any trouble.

Royals ® Aluminium Cake Mould

Sure you can use glass or ceramic ware to bake a number of delicious treats, but to get consistently good results, you need superior quality metal baking dishes. This set of three works well with most recipes. The straight sides allow the cake to hold its contours as it bakes and gives you a more precise shape at the end. This can make frosting and decorating so much easier as you don’t have to struggle hard to make sure you have an even base to work with every time. If you want perfectly-shaped desserts every time, this is what you need to pick!

Pick 'N' Save Teflon Coated Spring Form Cake Mould Pan Set

What do all the best cake pans have in common? They help you get the best shaped and perfectly cooked desserts in the easiest way possible. These Teflon-coated springform pans have the unique ability to help you achieve even baking, have better airflow and release the cake easily after it's done. The two layers of non-stick coating are ceramic-reinforced PTFE, better known by the brand name - Teflon makes sure you are getting value for money with every use. Three different sizes allow you to create everything from egg bakes to sheet cakes with no trouble at all, while maintenance is straightforward and easy. Baking can't get easier!

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