Budget wallpapers to transform your room

FP Studio July 23, 2020 17:45:50 IST
Budget wallpapers to transform your room

Floral print design
Mirroring hand drawn design, these wallpapers are a sight to behold. It is an easy and safe way to infuse colour, form and personality into your home. This wallpaper here is the perfect for your bedroom. What's more, this one is water-proof. This means it can easily adorn the walls of your kitchen too. In case, there is some dirt or stain on it, it can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Highly functional and great to look at, this one is a great buy!

Showcase your style
Make a bold statement with this gorgeously crafted wallpaper depicting a smashing style pattern. This premium product uses environmental friendly material that further increases its surface gloss. This wallpaper is odourless and non-toxic. The texture wall is more delicate and rich than most other wallpapers. Users are advised to take professional help to apply wallpaper to ensure quality and successful results. The golden print makes it look uber cool. The material is gorgeous and ideal to be used to amp up you bedroom’s style quotient.

Thick and self adhesive
This robust wallpaper showcasing geometric design is tasteful and contemporary in its appeal. Measure, cut, peel and paste. That's how easy it is to paper your walls using this self-adhesive wallpaper. However, do not paste this on textured walls. It is a great piece whether you want to put it up in your home or in the office. It also makes great gifting options as well. It is heat, water and oil resistant, lending it great durability. All reasons to make this purchase.

Cool 3D effect
There are wallpapers and then there is this one. It offers a super cool 3D effect that lends great depth and enhances the quality and look of the room. Made from superior quality, this is easy to clean and install. This fantastic wallpaper is going to get you compliments by the dozen and charm your guests. It also serves as a great backdrop for beautiful family selfies. It is available at a very affordable price which is another reason for you to buy it. The rich textured surface is ideal to be used for a living room wall.

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