Budget-friendly semi-automatic washing machines

FP Studio February 11, 2021 13:26:21 IST
Budget-friendly semi-automatic washing machines

Has 4 different programs for your washing needs

This semiautomatic Washing machine is equipped with roller jet pulsator, which spins and cleans the clothes effectively. It cleans every stain from your clothes. You can choose between 4 wash programs gentle, normal, strong, and soak, depending on your washing needs. It also dries your clothes faster which helps you save time and effort. The Wind Jet Dry feature reduces remaining moisture on laundry and inside of washing machine by spinning the tub at high RPM. The Rat Away technology keeps the rats away from damaging your machines. If you are a bachelor who is looking for the basic washing machine package, this machine is perfect for you.

With air turbo drying system

This semi- Automatic washing machine comes with several intelligent features that help provide you with a good wash of clothes, curtains, linen, etc. It has a separate dryer and washer which saves a lot of water in comparison to an automatic machine that requires a continuous flow of water without compromising cleaning dirty clothes. The jets of water prevent tangling the clothes which avoid damage. The air turbo drying system in this machine spins the drier at a high speed which dries clothes at a faster speed. Look no further if you want to have an affordable washing machine.

Robust washing machine for durability

This washing machine has a single tub load for a great wash. It has higher the spin speed and lower the drying time. So no need to worry about wet clothes in monsoon. The washing machine body is in plastic which means it is lightweight and does not rust. The brand is known for its robusticity so you can be sure the washing machine is going to last long. The washing machine comes with 8 different levels of water level. It also comes with an inbuilt heater so all the tough stains can be removed with a warm water wash. If you are looking for a tough and sturdy machine, this machine is perfect for you.

Comes with inbuilt collar scrubber

This machine can be placed anywhere without worrying about water damage. The control panel has been smartly designed to prevent water from seeping inside. It comes with a huge 66-litre tub so does not matter if you have a bigger family or even greater washing needs. This machine will cater to your above average washing needs. It comes with three different modes for light, normal, or heavy washing load. What’s unique about this washing machine that it comes with an inbuilt collar scrubber. Forget the hassle of brushing collars with hands before the machine cycle. This machine does that for you. Perfect for tough stains, this machine is for you if like getting your hands dirty as well as clothes.

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