Budget flip flop slippers for men

FP Studio July 20, 2020 12:22:29 IST
Budget flip flop slippers for men

A Captain America theme

Walk with swagger in your step with this beautifully designed pair of flip flops. They are made with premium soft rubber that moulds to your feet and helps keep you going throughout the day. These are convenient and a lot more fashionable than your shoes or traditional sandals. With their open design, they are easy on the feet. This is the pair for effortless style. The reason for you to buy these flip flops is the great style. They are available in a Captain America theme and will wow all Marvel fans out there.

With wider straps

Lounging at home just became easier with these lightweight and uber cool flip flops. They are perfect if you have to make a quick dash to the local store. The outer material is made of synthetic while the foot bed is of Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA), a plastic with rubber-like property that ensures longevity. The wider straps provide more comfort. These slippers are from one of the best sports brands on the planet and are of the best quality. These all purpose shoes are made for you if you want a durable pair.

This one has a great design

The arched design of these rubber flip flops help minimise discomfort. They prevent plantar and posterior heel pain, and provide you that great fit. Dust off any dry dirt from the surface using a clean cloth; you can also rinse it with soap and water. They are very lightweight and available in multiple colours. The stand out feature of this pair is the anti-slip grip at the bottom which makes for a strong footing and protects you from any possible injury.

High Quality

Made from superior quality material, these flip flops give your feet the right cushion while walking. They are ideal for regular casual wear. The attractive design pattern around the entire upper part of the slippers gives it a striking visual appeal. The base of these flip flops is made of rubber to provide the best of cushioning. We recommend these flip flops for the solid comfort you need to wear it all through the day.

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