Budget dumbbell sets for men to get those enviable biceps

FP Studio July 13, 2020 17:05:52 IST
Budget dumbbell sets for men to get those enviable biceps

Your partner in fitness
Focus on only the hands or thighs, or get a full body workout with this barbell set. Perfect for building those individual muscle groups or major muscle groups, burn more calories than ever. The material used is cast iron thus making it a long lasting product. It will prove to be a much superior material when compared to the plastic or hollow dumbbells.

These dumbbells are ergonomically built with non-slip vinyl exterior so that it is easier for beginners to hold on to.

Building a sculpted physique was never this easy
Be it physiotherapy or building a home gym, get this set of dumbbells to build those muscles. The product is available with a protective shield that will guard the flooring surface from any wear and tear due to prolonged usage. Even teens will be able to use the product without much monitoring required. Old persons, who require to undergo physiotherapy might choose this item too.

Choose from a varied range of weights in accordance to your training needs. This product is ideal for your home gym and fulfills all the requirements.

Working out never felt so good
This in-house brand has grown by miles by giving customer satisfaction the topmost priority. It is good for intensifying workouts such as walking, jogging and aerobics. The weights on the dumbbells have been curated in pounds and the markings do not get faded during the course of use. Feeling lively while working out is necessary for results. The bright colouring of these vinyl coated dumbbells will motivate you daily to push it a bit harder.

This one is available in a wide array of weights and is easy to carry. If you like cost-effective products, then this durable dumbbell is going to be a perfect choice.

For the hardcore in you!
Sculpt your body the right way with these heavy duty dumbbells that take up the total weight to 10 kg. It is a well-balanced item with sweat proof gripping and higher endurance capacity. Perfectly suited for the fitness freak in you, get a new and stronger body using this dumbbell pair.

The PVC dumbbells are meant to stand the test of time and should be the ideal choice if one is looking for a long lasting product.

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