Budget double bedsheet and pillow cover sets

FP Studio July 20, 2020 11:04:21 IST
Budget double bedsheet and pillow cover sets

Available in microfiber weave

Bold and cheerful, this double bedsheet with its premium thread count gives you that ultra-soft feeling while you are napping or just lounging in your big bed. It also comes with two pillow covers. The polyester blend fabric is lightweight and is crafted with supreme precision and in fabulous 3D design patterns.  The bright hued bedsheet comes in a luxury microfiber weave that is less prone to wrinkling and shrinkage. This super soft bed sheet will go well with the vivid shades of decor in your bedroom making it an ideal buy.

Bedsheet with high thread count

Accentuated with an arresting design, this double bed sheet is an instant winner. Breathable and cool as opposed to the warming effect that polyester fabrics may have, this premium bedsheet is super soft and high thread count makes it extremely durable as well. A higher thread count translates to a softer material. This 100% cotton bedsheet will certainly appeal to you, if comfort is what you seek.

Beautiful floral design

The fabric strength and moisture-wicking capabilities of the material contribute to your comfort as you doze off. If you are looking for bedsheets with the right fabric strength, washability and fit to ensure that your night’s sleep is as comfortable as it can be for a long time to come, then this is the one for you. The floral design is quite appealing and achieves great style when combined with the vibrant colours available in this product.

For everyday use

This bedsheet with its striking design instantly makes your lovely room come alive. Designed for year-round use, this cotton bedsheet makes the perfect addition to any bedroom. Toss it over you when you're relaxing on the sofa during winters or spring evenings, or use it as a layering piece under your quilt or bedspread in the summer. This is tailor made for all your needs. Looking for bed sheets to use irrespective of the season? These ones are perfect for anytime in the year and bring unmatched durability.

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