Budget anti-slip yoga and exercise mats for you

FP Studio June 10, 2020 01:35:50 IST
Budget anti-slip yoga and exercise mats for you

Performance with ease is the mantra

This brilliant combo offer includes two exercise or yoga mats in the pack. These mats are the perfect choice for practicing yoga, pilates or any other workout routine. The mats come with carrying straps, making them easy to carry to the gym. You can practice planks without any worry of slipping as its textured surface guarantees friction. The thickness provides the cushioning that you seek for comfortable routines.

Get the motivation going with this beautiful mat

The perfect mat for floor exercises, this product gives you all the support you need. This will also help in maintaining stability so that you can ace all the poses. The easily foldable mat comes with an anti-skid bottom so that you can hold your postures for long. The mat has an excellent thickness and will also light up your mood with its bright colour, intricate design and textured surface. The material has been made from foam to give you the comfortable smooth feel.

Quality takes the upper hand here

The mat is suited for use even by children, people with sensitive joints and pregnant women. It provides the extra grip to stay in one place even after long consistent usage. While one side gives the cushiony texture to suit your skin, the other side is textured to provide you the strong grip. Now hold positions like the warrior pose with ease on this mat. No matter how long or wide is your mat requirement; this one will be enough for all. It provides high rebound resilience making it durable and comfortable for a prolonged daily use. If quality is your calling, this product is the one for you!

For your daily rugged use

Made up of high density NBR foam material, this mat has a long shelf life and is damage free. The resistant material makes it tear proof even when you use it daily for any style of workout. It comes with carry straps without any surplus cost that makes it super convenient to carry around. The mat is multi-purpose as you can take it for camping or picnicking without any fear of damaging it. The material is safe for close breathing as it is made up from non-toxic, latex free and phthalate free foam.

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