Budget air fresheners to keep your home fresh

FP Studio June 17, 2020 21:32:01 IST
Budget air fresheners to keep your home fresh

Bid goodbye to foul environments

This device does not mask the malodour like other products but actually eliminates it with its patented technology. Using the goodness of cyclodextrin, a special odour block molecule developed by Ambi Pur; this air freshener converts odours chemically. Give your lungs the pleasure of breathing in fresh mountainside air at your home. No matter how tense your life gets or how polluted your city is; you will be experiencing absolute bliss inside your home if you use this air freshener.

It is a 95% water-based, non-flammable formula and hence extremely safe for use at home.

Use it on any fabric with ease

Made out of natural extracts, this air freshener has been blended with luxury. This liquid air freshener is going to open your senses to a new kind of aroma altogether. Use it at home or office or even your car, the rich smell will make you forget odours and distress. For the longest-lasting effect, spray the item on fabrics like bed sheets, curtains or pillows.

Take in a long-lasting fresh smell of lemongrass and forget about dullness.

Elegance meets functionality

This high-grade product is sure to lift your mood in minutes, introducing you and your family to a livening spirit and feeling of love. Elegantly designed with an easy push and spray system, these air freshener tubes are ideal for any space. It is ideal for use in both office and home.

The real USP of the air freshener is the wide array of fragrances. It offers six distinct flavours: Morning Misty Meadows, Cool Surf Blue, Fresh Lush Green, Petal Crush Pink, Musk After Smoke and Violet Valley Bloom.

Get over 2,400 sprays with one refill

This impressive product comes with a machine that runs on batteries and can automatically spray out the liquid at set intervals. The fragrance easily covers an entire room and envelopes it with a layer of freshness. The machine is accompanied by a refill sachet that will work for over 2,400 fragrant sprays. Setting up the machine is super easy and will be done in minutes. Just twist it open, insert the refill and twist it back. Put the batteries, which are included in the pack, and you are set.

This should be the air freshener if you don’t want to bother yourself with spraying it around every day. Trust the automatic function and relax.

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