Bring on the swag quotient with these comfortable men’s flip flops

FP Studio June 10, 2020 21:49:51 IST
Bring on the swag quotient with these comfortable men’s flip flops

Go casual with this simple pair

Take your comfort to the next level with these house slippers. Made from rubber, this product is sure to keep your feet at ease. The high quality rubber used to make the slippers makes them super flexible, thus perfect for walks and other casual work. You can wear them seamlessly and slip them on, minus any fuss. Easily clean the surface after they get dirty with a piece of clean cloth. In case of excess dirt, rinse with soap and water to make them look like new again.

Use daily without worries for a long time

Made from ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), this item is at the top of the market in terms of quality and durability. EVA ensures that the product is tough and has good low temperature properties. These slippers don’t compromise on the style factor either. Wearing this pair of flip flops is sure to add a new look to your character. These slippers are easy to walk in as they come with a tight grip mechanism. You can easily go out on a casual outing wearing them.

Usher in the cool dude look

Go all trendy by slipping on these super fashionable slippers. With a two-layer material and colour pattern, these flip flops will make sure that you rock the picnic or beach party. Made from high grade synthetic upper or EVA and polyester tape, you can wear the slippers for long without having to worry about any strain on your feet. Cleaning them up is also very easy. Only a small piece of clean cloth can do the trick.

Feel like you are walking on a feather!

Forget all the stress factors in your everyday life, be it assignments, meetings or household issues. As soon as you slip on these super lightweight slippers you won’t even feel that you are walking. Made from high-quality vinyl material, these flip flops ensure that you and your feet are comfortable and well rested.
Caring for the product is pretty easy. Store the slippers in a shoe bag to prevent them from catching any stains or mildew fungus while not in use. When you use it continuously for long, allow the slipper to air and deodorize at regular intervals and that is it!

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