Breathable shoes for medium dogs

FP Studio December 30, 2020 12:32:25 IST
Breathable shoes for medium dogs

Great starter set
Crafted from thick rubber, these paw protectors make an ideal purchase to get your four-legged friend used to wearing shoes. Easy to put on, these shoes can help you keep your dog's paws free from dirt and also prevent ticks and fleas from jumping on during walks. Their balloon design features thicker rubber on the bottom to protect the paws from getting wet and thinner material at the top for better comfort and a softer grip. We love that this kit includes eight shoes so if you misplace one set, you'll still have another handy.
For a no-fuss solution to keeping your dog's paws clean and healthy, choose this product.

Ideal for monsoon walks
These doggy shoes are a great way to keep your dog's paws free from skin diseases and infection. Made from high-quality rubber, these shoes effectively keep your canine friend's paws clean and dry while walking in wet areas. With a simple, lightweight design, your dogs will quickly adjust to them and will easily run and play while wearing them. Featuring an anti-slip sole for better traction your pet won't have any trouble walking on wet and slippery surfaces. Suitable for most medium dog's paws, it also comes with a velcro securing strap for maximum comfort.
If you're looking for doggy shoes that offer a perfect balance of comfort and function, these shoes have our vote.

For durability and convenience
Designed to keep your dog's paws cool, these shoes are an excellent summer accessory for your pet. Providing great ventilation, the mesh material used for the surface makes them extremely breathable and quick drying. The bottom of the shoes has a durable,anti-slip sole, that allows your dogs to walk and run safely while keeping their paws safe from hot surfaces and sharp objects. You won't have to struggle while putting these shoes on your dog's paws thanks to the zip down the front and adjustable closure straps.
Ideal for running on the beach or walking on sunny roads, you can't go wrong buying your dog these shoes.

For a pampered, fashionable pet
Designed to let your pet step out in style, these smart shoes feature an attractive sneaker design that's sure to make heads turn. Manufactured using pet-safe silicone rubber, these dog shoes are waterproof and offer maximum flexibility. Along with a convenient securing strap, the shoe's soft material makes it easy to put on and remove. While the classic matt black colour makes it suitable for all colours of pets, you'll find maintaining these shoes effortless thanks to its easy to clean surface.
If you're looking for a classy way to keep your dog's paws well-protected from the elements, we highly recommend buying these shoes.

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