Body massagers for that ultimate relaxation that you need

FP Studio December 15, 2020 10:02:59 IST
Body massagers for that ultimate relaxation that you need

For hassle-free foot therapy at home

This massager features four modes; kneading, vibrating, rolling, and reflexology, which give you the most relaxing foot and calf massage. Customising your massage settings to suit your pressure needs is easy through the conveniently located button panel at the top. Focusing on the acupressure points in your feet ankles and calves, this powerful massager efficiently relieves you of leg pain. Keeping this massager clean and hygienic is simple as the inner fabric is designed to be removable and washable. With adjustable seating positions, people of all heights can comfortably use it. If you’re looking for a fantastic massager to pamper your legs, your search ends here.

Ideal for home and car use

Made from high-quality PU leather and breathable mesh fabric, this massage pillow also comes with elastic bands for effortless attachment. Perfect for relief from sore muscles, it fits comfortably in the curve of your lower back. If you suffer from frequent back pain, you’re sure to appreciate the heat function that helps to ease deeper pain gently. With a press of a button, you can get a relaxing massage while sitting at home or at the office. With the additional power cord that holds a cigarette lighter attachment, you can even use it in your car. For a versatile and travel-friendly massager, you can’t go wrong buying this one.

Versatile and powerful head massager

Ideal for a soothing head massage, you can use this all-in-one massager on your entire body. Designed to fit all hands comfortably, the elastic straps ensure that you won’t have any trouble while using it. Extremely user friendly, this massager comes with a single button for power and mode selection. Thanks to a dual-speed setting, you can select the intensity of the vibrations as per your preference. With a lightweight and compact design, It doesn’t take up much space, and you can carry it along on holidays or business trips for a soothing head massage.
For an amazing head massage without leaving your room, this massager is your best bet.

All-in-one massager that your body and wallet will love

This fabulous massage device comes with adjustable intensity settings and three attachment heads to suit all body parts. Made from high-quality materials and with a robust build, you won’t have to doubt its durability. A beneficial feature is that this massager generates infrared rays that promote blood circulation to give you effective stress relief. Thanks to its ergonomic design and long handle, you’ll be amazed at how easily you can massage all muscles even in difficult to reach areas. At a pocket-friendly price, this massager is an excellent value for money. For an excellent, all-purpose massager that’s easy on your wallet, we highly recommend buying this one.

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