Best window ACs for a cool room

FP Studio October 21, 2020 12:27:09 IST
Best window ACs for a cool room

Power of extreme cool

This AC comes with an effective rotary compressor and gold coated evaporator and condenser for hassle free functioning. It is also equipped with four operating modes - auto mode, which automatically selects cooling or fan operation, and then a dry mode to reduce the humidity. There is the normal fan mode and a turbo cool mode to cool the room faster. This is an extremely energy efficient device that will take care of your power bills. Not only this, the AC comes with a low noise sleep mode as well as a convenient timer to switch off or switch on as needed. If energy efficiency is what you seek in an AC, this is the product for you.

Filters out indoor pollutants

This AC is designed with smart, advanced and innovative technology that filters out indoor pollutants without directly affecting the performance of the air conditioner. It also has basic filters that can be periodically replaced for an optimum air flow and filtration. These are also washable and can be easily cleaned at home to avoid purchasing a replacement. The device features quality grooved condenser coils that provides faster and better cooling. Buyers who want quick cooling should opt for this particular AC.

Anti-bacterial filter

This Window AC fits in perfectly to provide refreshingly cool air to your home. This AC is meant for medium-sized rooms. The AC has a turbo mode for faster cooling and a sleep mode too. The sleep mode maintains a comfortable temperature by cutting excessive cooling and power consumption, so you sleep comfortably all night. The anti-bacterial filter fights off bacteria while the dust filter keeps the dirt away. The active dehumidifier senses the indoor humidity and controls it. For all the above features, this one is one of the best products out there and a must buy.

Auto adjusts temperature

This one has a copper condenser coil which provides better cooling and requires low maintenance. It also comes with auto climate technology which is an intelligent feature that recognises temperature and humidity in your city. The AC adjusts the temperature and fan speed accordingly. The auto restart function ensures that the AC starts working automatically in the same setting after a power failure. The appliance has gone through 43 tests to give you the optimum quality. For such features, this AC is available at a rather affordable price. Go for it if you need a value for money AC.

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