Best waterproof lights for home use

FP Studio December 23, 2020 08:15:22 IST
Best waterproof lights for home use

Outdoor lamp

The Lyse Décor Waterproof Smart Outdoor Lamp comes in a set of two. These lamps are made of metal and premium PVC glass and comes in the colour black. Its dimensions read – 38 x 17. It has a normal 2-pin type holder which is suitable for all sorts of bulbs as well as CFLs. It is both waterproof as well as rust resistant, and provides excellent bright light no matter where it is placed in the house. You can choose to keep this inside your house or outside, and it’ll still look equally beautiful!

Security light

The Groeien Waterproof Bright Solar Wireless Security Motion Sensor Lights come as 20 LED night lights which are suitable for both outdoor as well as garden walls. It comes in a pack of 4 and is black in colour. It has intelligent energy saving and can charge well under strong as well as weak sunlight. It has three different lighting modes and also has long lasting durability. Installing this light is extremely easy and doesn’t require any tools to set up. You could buy this to make your outdoors well light!

Garden use

The Hardoll Solar Lamp for Home and Garden Decoration is available in two different colour variants of white – warm and cool. You can opt to buy either a pack of 1, pack of 4 or pack of 8. It can be installed completely hassle free and there are no wires, since it runs completely on solar energy. It turns on automatically during dark and goes off during dawn. The best part is, its 600 mAh batteries recharge themselves throughout the day! They are extremely long lasting so, you know you’re sorted in the long run!


The Gesto 200 Watt Ultra Flood Outdoor Lights has five different colour packs and you can choose to buy a pack of 1, pack of 2, pack of 4 or pack of 6. It has a prong bulb base and the colour of the bulb is white. It is energy saving – ensuring that around 85% of your electricity bill is reduced/saved. It has been tested to stand severe storms and can be used both indoors as well as outdoors. Buy these lights to give your house a well lit makeover!

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