Best water floss for that beautiful smile

FP Studio October 30, 2020 15:38:22 IST
Best water floss for that beautiful smile

Removes plaque in 60 seconds

This water floss ensures maximum plaque removal in just 60 seconds. It also helps prevent cavities between teeth by removing bacteria and trapped food that brushing may miss. Water floss is more effective than the usual string floss. It helps improve gum health in two weeks. The micro-droplets technology combines air and mouthwash or water to powerfully yet gently clean between teeth and along the gum line. For strong gums and stain-free teeth in just 60 seconds, this water floss is the best deal.

Overall oral hygiene

This water floss effectively removes plaque and tartar build-up from the treated area by cleaning the teeth thoroughly. It has a high speed water jet that reaches every nook and corner of your mouth and removes the plaque. It also has an effective impact on the overall oral health in terms of oral hygiene. It is an easy and effective way to manage the dental works of cleaning around dental implants, braces and brackets. The battery lasts for 10-15 days even with charge of 2-3 hours and also recharges itself in no time. The superb battery life makes this product a must buy.

Cordless and lightweight

This water floss is cordless and lightweight. It is portable which makes it ideal for travel. This water floss has a 300 ml capacity water tank which provides continuous flossing an entire session. This water floss prevents bacteria from settling between the teeth and protects the gum from any kind of damage. This water floss is extremely affordable and convenient to use. Ideal for travel and affordable at the same time, this water floss is the best you can get.

Three modes setting

This water floss has three modes. The normal, soft and pulse modes provide overall oral care. It also has an inbuilt auto timer to avoid over usage. What makes this water floss special is that it is water resistant; therefore, accidental spilling will not affect the gadget in any way. The exclusive patent internal leak-proof drainage design avoids vapor sneaking into the pump, advantageously extending life span. Anyone looking for a floss with an in built auto timer will find this deal too good to let go.

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