Best Volleyball Essentials You Need To Become A Winner

FP Studio March 22, 2020 19:22:19 IST
Best Volleyball Essentials You Need To Become A Winner

Nivia Rotator Moulded Rubber Volleyball
Nivia has always been among the finest sport manufacturing companies in India and it is no surprise that even in volleyballs they have a range of products. The rotator in this ball is designed with butyl bladders which can be used on grassy as well as hard surfaces. The moulded surface of the ball has small craters to provide that additional grip and is ideal to be played as a beginner or intermediate player.

If you order online, you would receive a deflated ball. So we recommend getting an air-pump or making provisions to inflate it properly. But absolutely no complaints once you start playing with this. Must buy!

DealBindaas Cosco Hand Ball Pump with 1 Needle
This is a combo kit product that contains a cosco volleyball, and cosco ball pump with a needle. This solves all your worries as to how to inflate the ball, as you get both the pump as well as the volleyball delivered together. The ball has a high quality leather cover with nylon windings provided for shape retention on the ball.

There is a butyl bladder for higher air retention while the needle provided is meant for inflating the ball and needs to be handled carefully. All in all this combo kit has a mix of everything that is required for that upcoming weekend game. So do not miss out and order for some fun volleyball sessions!

Nivia Kross World Volleyball
This 18 panel ball can be used at all kinds of indoor surfaces while it can also handle the rough and wet surfaces outside. The stitches on the ball are rubberized thus providing the required grip and durability for long battles on court.

The rubber cover also makes this volleyball waterproof, allowing you to play in all weather conditions and giving that premium feel to the ball is the design and the materials used. If there is an upcoming championship in school or college or even your local neighbourhood, then a Kross world volleyball is your best bet of showcasing that potential. We recommend it to one and all!

Cosco Shot Volleyball, 4
The Cosco shot volleyball gives you the chance to enjoy all your games with its cover made of durable rubber. Rubber ensures that this volleyball retains its shape after it is hit while it would also survive wear and tear from continuous matches. This volleyball has a special butyl bladder that help in retaining its air level to offer you a good bounce every time. Playing with this well-built ball, you would manage to hit accurate shots more often than not.

This volleyball is hand sewn with three ply nylon thread. The special nylon windings of this Cosco ball ensure that its shape is intact at all times. It also features 18 panels and has been carefully moulded to ensure a completely round shape to the ball.

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