Best vacuum cleaners for beds

FP Studio December 29, 2020 13:33:37 IST
Best vacuum cleaners for beds

Handheld cleaner
The iGRiD Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with Lithium Battery has a patented ‘L’ Shaped Pro-Cyclone Technology which provides powerful suction and no loss of suction power even if the dust compartment is full. The HEPA filter traps particles up to 0.3 microns to prevent the particles from leaving the exhaust flow. It is designed with portability and convenience in mind. Its canister and filter can easily be removed and washed using water to ensure the vacuum cleaner stays hygienic.

Multiple attachments
The Tirewell Handheld Vacuum Cleaner has a 5M wire length and also comes in the colour black. This vacuum cleaner comes with a 2 pin Indian plug setting. It has multiple cleaning attachments to ensure that you are able to clean crevices as well as hard to reach areas. The multi protection service ensures a service for a long time thanks to its temperature protection, input voltage protection, input current protection and short circuit protection to features to ensure safety throughout the working time. This vacuum cleaner machine is a wet-dry clean vacuum cleaner.

Lithium vacuum

Black and Decker’s Cordless Lithium Hand Vacuum weighs 3 pounds and voltage 10.8 Volts. It requires 18.00 wattage and the dimension of this product is – 15.2 x 40.6 x 12.7 centimeters. It comes in a powder white colour. It has a sleek and compact design to ensure that it is able to get into nooks and cranies as well as in every delicate crevice. This vacuum cleaner has a brush nozzle as well, to ensure that the lose dirt is removed easily, keeping your bed clean for everyday use.

High Speed
The Kent Bed and Upholstery Vacuum Cleaner comes in the colour red and it runs on 450 Watts. The machine weighs around 2.34 kgs, and is an ideal tool to help clean flat surfaces such as mattresses, bed sheets, pillows, sofas and blankets. It sucks air and dust at a high speed and creates a spinning vortex to help separate dust in a detachable cylindrical collection vessel. It has a HEPA filter to ensure minimal release of dust and bacteria in comparison to traditional vacuum cleaners. It is extremely efficient and has a strong suction force too!

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