Best tricycles for your child

FP Studio August 19, 2020 17:28:45 IST
Best tricycles for your child

Can be installed easily

An adjustable seat with a safety harness will keep you worry free as your child goes about learning how to ride a bike. For extra safety, it comes with a parental push bar. Also, the product is BPA-free, meaning the plastic used is non-toxic. This tricycle comes with a self-installation kit, allowing you to customise it the way you want. There is a detailed manual that comes with the product. The tricycle with its front and back baskets, bells and foot rest is terrific. It is meant for a child from the age of 1 to 4. It is available in a bright orange colour which will interest the child. If you want a tricycle which ticks all the boxes, this should be the choice.

Sturdy steel frame body

This tricycle is a great choice for its quality and longevity. It has an unbreakable body with an attractive and fancy cartoon face at the front. The beautiful mix of red and white colour design adds that extra dash of charm. The tricycle comes with a canopy which works as sun shade. The rubber grip handles provide that anti-slip hold; then there's a backrest too. The sturdy steel pipe frame, covered by a high quality plastic body, makes it durable and easy to ride. The tricycle is suitable for children between 1 and 3 years. This product will appeal to those who want a solid product that will be a prized possession for the child’s growing years.

Great colour scheme

A trendy kids tricycle, this is especially designed keeping riders from 1 to 4 years in mind. This baby tricycle comes with a back basket to keep the favourite toys and other regular belongings. There's a safety harness too for the child to balance themselves. The footrest is removable to make the ride easy and comfortable. It is equipped with durable tyres and easy-grip handlebars. With a red and black colour combination, this is the right choice for parents looking for a stylish tricycle.

A foldable tricycle

This one provides the most comfort with a curved seat and a backrest. It has music and lights on the handle, which makes for a fabulous fun ride. Perfect for kids from the age of 2 to 4. Another special highlight of this tricycle is that it can be folded easily with a push button. This makes it convenient to use and store anywhere. It can also come in handy when you are off for a short trip. This really is a perfect present for your kid's birthday. Need a tricycle that provides the right value for money? Well, your search ends here.

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