Best touch and feel books for babies

FP Studio November 10, 2020 19:19:25 IST
Best touch and feel books for babies

Interactive and sturdy for babies

This is one book that is well-rated appealing for babies with plenty of pages to touch and feel. Beautifully designed with bright colours, this book is excellent for little ones to learn, play and grow. With plenty of exciting pictures, textures and rounded ends to keep your child safe while exploring, buy this book to capture curious little imaginations and guide them on to a lifetime of reading books.

Best for colour and storytelling

Your little one might be overwhelmed by real insects and creatures, but this is a great way to introduce them to the beautiful world around them. Yet another way to enjoy the classic children's story of a chompy caterpillar are the many eye-catching details that are great for visual learning. Help your little one understand a butterfly's life cycle, count with all the things that he eats and even pick up on the days of the week through this sweet board book. No worries about getting bored here!

First bedtime book

Babies and toddlers love the tactile feel of things, how they sound and even movement. Add this book to your bedtime routine for a comfortable way to let the baby explore toys, objects and items that are familiar to them. Spend time exploring cotton pyjamas, cosy slippers, and more. Help them along by sounding out the names of the objects, making little rhymes and even creating stories around objects. Babies seem to enjoy the sturdy board pages, pointing to favourite pictures, and of course, touching the tactile patches. Part of a popular series of books that encourage early learning, this is a perfect first bedtime book for your little ones.

A great introduction to baby animals

Now that those little hands aren't putting everything directly into their mouths, it's the best time to get your child a touch-and-feel book like this one. With different textures on each page, this one is popular with parents and babies alike as they enjoy playing with and engaging with baby animals, learning their names and distinguishing them from each other. Pick this charming little book if you want a good quality addition to your kids growing library.

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