Best top load fully automatic washing machines

FP Studio October 14, 2020 12:31:30 IST
Best top load fully automatic washing machines

Built-in heater

This fully-automatic top-load Washing machine is one of the easiest to use. It has a built-in heater to keep the water hot during washing to sterilize clothes, ideal for infant clothes and towels. It comes with an easy wide opening to make it convenient for loading and unloading of large items. It enables to preserve water and reuse for second wash cycle. The washing machine has an active foam system where stains are lifted from each crevice of the clothes with high density foam generated by the machine. It is available in silver colour and is suitable for a small family. This is a great buy if you want to do your bit to conserve water while Washing clothes .

With child lock

This five-star energy rated machine is an energy saving technology. It comes with a water proof motor that doesn’t corrode and is very durable. The turbo drum sterilizes the inner and outer tub to prevent unpleasant smell. It has a child lock and has a three-step smart motion including agitation, rotating and swing. It is available in middle free silver colour. It comes in a stainless steel inner tub with window glass top. It has standby power save. It is suitable for bachelors and small families. Buy this washing machine to cut down on your power bills,

Higher spin speed

This top load fully Automatic washing machine has higher spin speed that helps in faster drying. It comes with an eco tub clean option and the highlight features include a centre jet, diamond design drum to ensure damage-free wash. It has five different levels of water markings and LED control panel. Other features include air turbo, auto restart and child lock. It has enhanced round edges. Magic filter is positioned low in the washer to collect trans lint. If you are looking for a faster drying of clothes, then this machine is for you.

Anti-bacterial wash

This machine comes with an in-built water heater technology. It can heat water at three different levels including warm, hot and allergen free. The LED display and soft close lid makes for a premium experience and protects the glass lid from any damage. Its water preserve technology saves more than two buckets of water every day. It has 12 wash programs including anti-bacterial wash. It is available in shiny grey colour and removes up to 48-hour old stains. The dynamix technology ensures better mixing of detergent. It also comes with an auto clean and hard water feature. For those who seek the perfect washing machines, this could be closest you can get.

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