Best tooth whitener to brighten your smile

FP Studio July 25, 2020 08:31:22 IST
Best tooth whitener to brighten your smile

Your smile is precious

This product is perfect for detoxifying the mouth. It also removes bad breath and polishes away the stains rather quickly. This teeth whitening powder is also suitable for sensitive teeth. This vegan product has an advanced whitening formula. One pack can be used for around 250 times. It consists of natural substances such as orange seed oil, mint oil, bentonite clay and coconut charcoal. One of the biggest USPs of the product is that it is free from harmful chemicals, artificial flavours and colours. This product is ideal for those who want a natural way to get rid of tooth stains.

Boost your confidence

Use this product to refresh and invigorate your mouth and brighten your smile. It is capable of removing stains left behind by coffee, wine, soda, tea or due to smoking. It is extremely easy to use. Just apply it on a cotton swab and wipe the teeth surface repeatedly in front of the mirror. The results will be visible even after the fast treatment. Regular use of this whitener will help in removing the stains and your teeth will start glowing again. If you are looking for faster results, this teeth whitener could be the answer.

For a sparkling smile

This teeth whitener works efficiently compared to alternative teeth whitening methods. Its unique blend of ingredients plays an important part in restoring your best smile. It contains organic coconut oil, baking soda and charcoal. All these together create a powerful teeth whitening effect with zero tooth sensitivity. The whitener is infused with the antiseptic and re-mineralizing properties of earth, coconut oil, and peppermint oil and tea tree oil. The peppermint and tea tree will ensure you have a great and refreshing smell every morning. This teeth whiner is an all-rounder that you must invest in for best results.

Dental care delivered

This tooth whitening product is available in the form of a toothpaste. It contains activated charcoal and ayurvedic herbs. The activated charcoal whitens the teeth by getting rid of stains. It can get rid of that yellowish tinge once you make it a part of your morning regimen. This paste is free from fluoride so you need not worry about teeth health. It just doesn’t whiten the teeth but also deals with other dental issues such as cavities, ban breath and tooth sensitivity. Meant for those who want more than mere tooth whitening.

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