Best Tennis Balls For Fun On The Court

FP Studio June 19, 2020 16:16:58 IST
Best Tennis Balls For Fun On The Court

Holding Court

For sheer durability, there are few tennis balls that can match the Yonex Tour Tennis Ball, Pack of 3. These tennis balls come with a special stamp of approval from the International Tennis Federation. Their tour grade build is made out of woven felt, that underpins the balls’ great durability on all surfaces. The Yonex Tour Tennis Balls are pressurized for intense use during tournaments. Even during private practice sessions, the three ball pack will give your training drill the continuity and consistency that you desire. With these tennis balls in your hand, your game is set to get an extra zip.

For The Big Shot

Wilson is a famous brand among tennis fanatics worldwide. The Wilson Championship tennis ball comes in a variety of combos – from a pack of 1, 3, 6, 12, 24, 48 up to a pack of 72 balls. It is made using synthetic material and is optivis felt. The Wilson tennis ball is equally efficient on all types of court surfaces – whether you’re on a hard surface, on grass, or even on wet clay courts. In fact, this ball is a perfect match for courts with clay surfaces or indoor surfaces. It weighs approximately 76 grams.

Ace Those Skills

Cosco Championship Tennis Balls have been in use during Davis Cup ties in India, and one look at its superior quality tells you why. A tough rubber core is packed inside a finely woven felt, which gives these balls consistent bounce and behaviour, no matter what surface you’re playing on. It’s intuitive traction and resistance lets you develop the finesse in your shots. Besides, these balls are highly pressurized, and won’t sag even after many practice sessions and matches. When you want to step your game up on the court, it’s time to trust India’s most popular tennis ball brand.

It’s Match Point

A good set of tennis balls can enhance your feel for the game. It’s a point brought home by ISW Woolen Tennis Balls, that are designed to be an ergonomic delight. With a woolen outer shell, these balls allow players to hone their serving skills and the consistent responses help build muscle memory. With a size of 7 cms, it sits perfectly in your hand, as you fine tune your service form and action. Being light and easy to use doesn’t make the ISW Woolen Tennis Balls any less durable, with quality that will endure on all surfaces and through many shot rallies.

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