Best sweaters for dogs of all sizes

FP Studio December 19, 2020 14:36:59 IST
Best sweaters for dogs of all sizes

Cable knit

The Heads Up For Tails Stripped Cable Knit Woolen Dog Sweater comes in a combined colour of red and grey and is available in two sizes – XS and XL, thus making it suitable for both small dogs as well as big ones. It is made up of 100% acrylic wool and is stretchy in order to provide a snug and comfortable fit. Use a softener wash in order to ensure it gives an extra level of comfort. It is designed in a way to ensure that there is no difficulty in movement for your furry friend.

Fleece hoodie

The Sage Square Premium Dog Winter Ultra Warm Printed Thicker Fleece Hoodie Vest comes in a medium size which is around 20 inches in size and it comes in the colour black. It is both windproof and extremely warm, as it is made up of polyester. The cloth is durable and its double-layer fleece inside ensures that your dog stays warm even during extremely harsh winters. It is machine washable and is extremely easy to put on and get off, thanks to its velcro closure system.

Soft and comfortable

The Jainsons Pet Products Soft Comfortable Pet Sweatshirt comes in a size of 22 inches and is blue in colour. However, you can also get this sweatshirt in sizes ranging from 14 inches right up to 28 inches. It is made of premium quality material which is extremely soft and comfortable to wear. It is also quite easy to clean. Also, since it comes in so many sizes, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your furry friend, irrespective of whether he/she is a big dog or a small one!

Fleece dog vest

The Pets Planet Dog Winter Ultra Warm Silver Black Thicker Fleece Dog Vest is available in sizes ranging between XXS (10 inches) right upto XXXXXXL (30 inches). Its variety of sizes ensures that whether you’ve got a puppy or a big dog, there’s definitely going to be a size suitable for your furry friend! It is made up of polyester and cotton, making it extremely comfortable to wear. It has a water resistant outer layer and is both lightweight and windproof. It comes with an easy HOOK and LOOP closure system as well!

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