Best surface disinfectants that make clean ups a breeze

FP Studio July 13, 2020 15:39:22 IST
Best surface disinfectants that make clean ups a breeze

Superior cleaning with great ease

Chlorine-free and great on most floors and tiled surfaces, this efficient cleaner removes a whole range of stains. Easy to combat everything from messy toddler food stains to tough surface germs, this super cleaner comes in a variety of fragrances. We chose this citrus-scented one and can attest to its unobtrusive fresh smell, Besides its super easy to use. Just a capful mixed in half a bucket of water is enough to take care of most spills and cleanups. Totally love this all-around cleaner!

Get it for home or industrial use

Tired of using harsh cleaners that damage more than they clean? Manufactured in India, PaxClean is a superb alternative. Easy to use, FDA approved and it does as promised. Besides the pleasant smell, it cleans floors, for toilets, glass surfaces, gas stoves, and even doorknobs and grills. The formulation was not too soapy or slippery and also prevents scale deposition in places with hard water. Taps and appliances stayed shiny for much longer. Plus without the worry of bleach, granite counters and marble flooring maintenance became so much easier.

Triple protection against virus, bacteria, and germs

Wiping down surfaces can be annoyingly tedious. But this easy-to-use spray came in handy when disinfecting some of the most frequently touched surfaces around us. We tried it on everything from car handles, keys, and deliveries to public restrooms and even park benches. Phew! What a relief it was knowing we were protected. To use, you simply shake and spray on a pre-cleaned surface and let it dry. This mild smelling cleaner does a great job of both disinfecting and sanitizing. The peace of mind it brings with it though, is simply indispensable!

Super light to carry, easy to hold

We can’t get away from dealing with germs. But that doesn’t mean we need to struggle through it. This convenient spray with EPA approved chemicals promised to kill 99.9% germs, bacteria, and viruses in seconds, so we gave it a shot. We were pleased not only with the performance but also with the limely fresh scent that lingers behind. For all of us who hate that chemical-like smell, look no further. Simply shake, spray from a distance and let it air dry. That’s what makes it great for everyday use in vehicles, homes, offices. Plus the quick-drying cleaner evaporates quickly and can be used on most of the stuff we use every day.

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