Best sunscreens for your skin

FP Studio August 15, 2020 09:39:39 IST
Best sunscreens for your skin

High-grade protection

This dry-touch sunscreen comes with SPF 50+ and has been tested by top dermatologists. The sunscreen contains one of the top breakthroughs in UV protection – Helioplex – which provides superior protection to your skin. This technology protects your skin from damaging rays and keeps your face ultra-light and non-shiny. It has a light fresh scent and is gentle enough for sensitive skin as well. So if you want high-grade sun protection throughout the year, this is the best choice.

For daily usage

This is the ideal sunscreen for your daily usage. This 3-in-1 sun block not only protects your skin from harmful UV rays but also helps in skin lightening. Apart from that, this sunscreen provides a uniform matte finish as well. It is quickly absorbed by the skin and has a non-greasy formula. All these combine well together to give a shine-free, light and clean feel. It has all natural extracts like birch, hops and mallow to protect from tanning, sunburn, redness, premature aging and pigmentation. This sunscreen is the ideal choice for those looking for a natural sun block which can be used every day.

Ideal for swimming or beach stroll

This sunscreen is completely oil-free. The gel-based formula feels ultra-light and is even water-resistant if you are planning to wear it to the beach or your swimming sessions. It is formulated to spread evenly to give prolonged and consistent protection. It is the ideal sunscreen for oily skin and can be used by both men and women. This sunscreen also feature biosaccharide gum which forms a protective layer to keep your skin safe from dust particles. If you want dual protection from sun as well as pollution, it is best to choose this sunscreen.

Multi-purpose sunscreen

This sunscreen also protects your skin from uneven patches, dark circles, fine lines and redness. This product is perfect to deal with all kinds of sun-damage issues. The sun block is best used after cleaning the skin and just before applying your make-up. It should be applied 15-20 minutes before exposure and then re-applied in 3 hours. It is non-greasy and meant to be used daily as a shield. This is the ideal sub-block if you are looking for all-round protection for your skin.

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