Best sunblock products for better skin protection

FP Studio June 24, 2020 01:43:35 IST
Best sunblock products for better skin protection

For smoother, better skin

For a drier-feeling sunscreen, consider the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock with SPF 50+ . Great for a day at the beach or buy a pool, it leaves skin soft and smooth. Oil-free, waterproof, sweat proof and resistant to rub-off, this is the perfect option for anyone outdoorsy who’s bound to be in the sun for hours. Suitable for all skin types, preventing sunburn and shielding your skin is now easier than ever. To use, apply a generous amount of this protective sunscreen lotion on all the areas exposed to the sun, including the face. The small sized tube makes it easy to carry while the mild formulation makes it easy to wear and re-apply throughout the day.

Does all the protection your skin needs

We love a double duty product! So of course the idea of a compact with sun protection is an attractive idea. Lakme’s sun expert brings us daily wear sunscreen now in a compact format with SPF 40 in a light, non-sticky, matte finish that you can use all year through. The long-wear SPF 40 matte powder spreads evenly on skin, forming a high coverage layer that blocks sun’s harmful rays. SPF 40 shields from UVB rays that cause sunburn, while PA+++ shields from UVA rays that cause dark spots, premature ageing and skin darkening. Available in a universal shade designed for all skin tones, it is dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types. Now you can step out with the ultimate confidence any time with this cool product.

It’s a double win for your skin

If light coverage is what you need, then look no further Lakmé Invisible Finish Foundation. If you’re already using sunscreen, you might wonder if you need the extra little SPF of 8 that this product offers. But when it comes to SPF, every little counts. To apply, take a coin sized amount in your palm, dab on with your fingers and blend the foundation into the skin in a downward direction. For picture-perfect skin, this ultra-light, water-based foundation with invisible finish is ideal for that natural exuberance. SPF 8 shields the skin from harmful rays and prevents skin darkening, keeping you looking young and fresh for years to come.

A daily shield for your skin

Exposure to the sun makes your skin dry and sun damaged if you don’t pay attention to it. This powerful oil-free hydrating gel gives you five times hydration and shields your skin against daily dryness and harmful sun rays. The only way to get more hydrated would be to live under water. Containing advanced bio marine extracts like sea grass and water lily to immediately revive the skin this intense moisture blended formula with nutrispheres helps to provide an antioxidant polyvitamin profusion that helps reduce damage, features a skin brightening texture and renew a dull complexion. Used regularly, it unveils a firmer, plumper and ageless looking skin.

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