Best string curtains to decorate your home

FP Studio August 20, 2020 16:48:32 IST
Best string curtains to decorate your home

Delicate see through curtain

This string curtain is made from polyester and is in soothing white colour. Exporthub 1 Piece Polyester Blend Window Threads String Curtain is see through and can be added to the window as well as doorway passage separating the living room from the rest of the house. This sting curtain comes with a top slot for the rods to hang upon them. It gives a very delicate and serene touch to your hallways. Imagine walking through your home and parting the curtains like you are a film set or in a TV show. It has a length of 5 feet.

Flexible stay with traditional look

This string curtain gives a traditional look are durable and easy to clean. They come in a pack of 20 strands with each strand consists of small multi-colored wooden beads that are hand woven into the thread. The high number of strands and smaller beads, the finished result looks very full and natural, the strings stay flexible and they will move softly when you walk through them. REPTUM DECOR Wooden Beads String Door Hanging Curtain is of the size 7 feet X 4 feet. The multi-coloured beads look very attractive and best to be used in the kids room.

Perfect to adorn your home temple

This sparkling wooden beaded string curtain is a very durable, long-lasting curtain. The beads are of brown and off white colour connected by threads that adds a royal touch to all themes. Kuber Industries Wooden Sparkling Beaded String Shear Hanging Door Curtain is 7 feets and with the size of 122cm X 213cms. It looks beautiful and perfect for your home temple. It is perfect because it adds a lot of gravitas to the religious spot at home and underlines its importance.

Separate living room from dining area

Often, people want to have a clear distinction between their living and dining areas. However, in smaller homes, it might make it a little difficult to do that. Enter, this string curtain made of acrylic crystals. It comes in a pack of 10 string nefty shape patterns with 10 acrylic beads each and a warm yellow crystal drop at the end of each string. It is provided with 10 pieces of nylon straps to fasten them to the rod. Use these attractive and beautiful strands to separate your living room from the dining area. ISMART 10 Strings Acrylic Crystal String Bead Hanging Curtain is of the dimension of 5 feets length and 4-5 feets in width which you can adjust as you wish.

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