Best storage containers for your kitchen

FP Studio October 12, 2020 12:52:07 IST
Best storage containers for your kitchen

For all your needs

This container is ideal for storing items which include honey, jams, pickles as well as spices. Made of glass they look quite attractive. It can also be used in a microwave oven and the mouth of the jar is wide which makes it easy to take things out. One of the biggest selling points of this container is that it comes with an airtight cap which will keep the ingredients safe at all times.

Kitchen magician

These containers are extremely strong and are designed to last for years and can survive rough use too. They are large in size and perfect for storing rice, dal, flour, cereals, pulses and snacks. They keep the freshness of substances intact. The containers are made of Virgin PP material and are100% recyclable. The containers themselves are intelligently designed so that you can easily see the contents. You need not label the containers anymore. For those who seek durable and long-lasting products, this is a viable option.

Storage made simple

These jars are made of high-quality food grade and BPA free plastic. They are odour free and unbreakable. This is a set of 18 containers. Since the jars are quite small, they can be stacked over one another and this helps in saving a lot of space which will bring uniformity to your kitchen. Your search for the leak proof container ends here with this offering from a reliable kitchen ware brand. If you are looking for the best of containers, this is a viable option.

Ribbed exterior for firm grip

This storage container is made from PET plastic and the set consists of 18 of them. They are available in three different sizes – 1000 ml, 500 ml and 200 ml. The airtight seal of the containers prevents moisture from spoiling the food items. These containers have a ribbed exterior finish that provides a firm grip. This means they won’t fall easily and create nuisance in your kitchen. They are very easy to store as the nestling structure will help them store one inside the other when they empty. One can use them to store almost anything from dry fruits to pulses to pasta. This offering from the in-house brand is meant for those who want storage containers for multipurpose use.

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