Best stickers to brighten your walls

FP Studio August 12, 2020 17:05:02 IST
Best stickers to brighten your walls

Effortless style

These are as good if not better than the best of wall-art. Available in matte-finish, the stickers are very easy to fix on your walls without a sweat breaking your brow. The stickers come with pre-cut pieces which are already numbered to help you paste them effortlessly on your walls to get the desired pattern in place. If at all a few air bubbles pop up, they can be easily removed using a pin or a needle by squeezing the air out of them. The stickers are easy to place and remove and come in multi-colour options in addition to being completely ‘Made in India’ products.

With a matte finish

They are perfect for your bedroom, drawing room, kids room, nursery or decking up your café. The vinyl stickers are easy to install, but more importantly waterproof and can be cleaned regularly. The stickers are eco-friendly in nature and offer up to 400 various design options. The matte finish gives the stickers a touch of class. Freshly painted or lacquered surfaces need a minimum of 30 days before the stickers can be applied on them. So if it’s an eco-friendly sticker you desire with plenty of options to choose from, this is the answer for you.

All-surface solution

The wall stickers are made from self-adhesive PVC material. The stickers are easy to apply and use on all types of walls – whether it’s rough or smooth surfaces. The various options for designs can light up your room. But most of us don’t have the same type of walls in every room. They give you the option of even decorating your bathroom walls even if they have tiles on them. These stickers from the in-house brand are available at exciting prices and are ideal for buyers looking for options on all kinds of surfaces.

3D graphical stickers

The 3D stickers bring your walls alive with things like animals, birds or butterflies. The stickers come with protection paper to ensure that there are no scratches during installation. They can be easily put on painted walls, plastic, wooden or laminated surfaces. They are made up of cast acrylic and scratch resistant as well as waterproof material. So for life-like stickers that can change the face of your house, this product is the answer.

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