Best starter toothbrushes for your kids - our ultimate guide!

FP Studio July 24, 2020 11:53:54 IST
Best starter toothbrushes for your kids - our ultimate guide!

Power bristles to clean even teeth in the back
The soft, cup-shaped bristles made with high-quality materials are designed to surround and clean gently. The control grip proved useful for small hands that are just learning to manoeuvre and clean teeth. The bright colour makes it an attractive choice, and it's an excellent pick we'd recommend to most parents. If you're looking for an outstanding primary brushing tool by a reputed brand, order this without a second thought.

Make Spongebob your brushing buddy
Keeping kids brushing for two minutes is usually a task. Meet with the toothbrush that's bound to get some smiles from your little one and have them acing their brush times. With Spongebob characters prominently displayed on the transparent handle, this is the perfect brush mate for kids from 4 years onwards. With gentle bristles that clean thoroughly even in tough to reach spots, this is the best way to introduce your child to a lifetime of excellent dental hygiene. If you have a fussy child that needs plenty of encouragement to brush twice a day, this one's for you.

Perfect for beginners
Well designed and correctly built for little ones who are just learning to brush; this cute pink brush has all the right elements. The ergonomic handle and rounded brush head make it easy to move around the mouth, while the suction bottom makes the fussiest kids look forward to brushing. But sticking it to the washbasin, wall or even a mirrored cabinet is only one part of its charm. Brush control is often the biggest hurdle for little ones, but this is what helps clean properly. Grab this cute brush to give your kid the best teeth cleaning experience ever!

Travel with your favourite brush
When it comes to kids, buying multiples makes more sense. With this colourful set of four brushes having a spare handy for travel or to keep in your bag just got a whole lot easier. This efficient toothbrush is designed in lively colours, and your kids will soon be picking their favourites. The curved handle offers an excellent grip while the soft brushes allow comfortable brushing and effective cleaning. Best suited for children above two years, this high-quality product will leave you happy making your kid a brushing pro. Buy it for its cool features and the hygiene guard for easy travelling.

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