Best split ACs with inverter technology

FP Studio September 16, 2020 15:26:23 IST
Best split ACs with inverter technology

Two-way air-swing function

The ocean black fins help increase the lifespan of your air conditioner and ensure superior performance compared to conventional fins. It has a dual inverter compressor with varied speed dual rotary motor. This results in a wider rotational frequency saving more energy along with higher speed cooling range. The AC also comes with the two-way air-swing function (up-down) which blows the cool air in multiple directions to ensure even cooling inside the room. It has a stabilizer-free operation which protects the AC over a much wider range of voltage. This one should appeal to those who are looking for a powerful split air-conditioner with fast cooling.

Anti-corrosive condenser

This is a power saving green inverter AC. With green inverter technology, we get high energy efficiency without harming the environment. The condenser has an anti-corrosive golden nano coating, which is essential in most high-pollution localities. The anti-carbon filter has extracts of green tea that deactivates captured bacteria and unpleasant odours. The filter catches dust mites, cigarette smoke and other common pollutants. The healthy auto-blow function prevents growth of harmful microorganisms by eliminating the moisture inside of the indoor unit. This is a quality device that should suit buyers who want to invest in a value for money option.

Has a dehumidifier

This split AC has an inverter compressor which is a variable speed compressor which adjusts power depending on heat load. It is one of the most energy efficient and has lowest-noise operation rate. The other major features include a dust filter along with an air purifier as well as a dehumidifier. It also has a built-in PM 2.5 and anti-dust filters that help remove dust, pollen and suspended particles. Now enjoy good health in every breath. The glacier mode allows 35% higher fan speed over medium mode to deliver instant cooling in a lesser amount of time. For instant cooling along with energy efficiency, this is one of the best ACs out there.

Copper Condenser coil

This split air-conditioner has a 5-star energy rating with best in class efficiency. It has an annual energy consumption of just 1043.28 units.
It comes with a copper condenser coil for better cooling and requires low maintenance. The AC also has multi-stage filtration advantage which removes allergens, odours and other harmful particles to give you cool and fresh air. So if you want a limited electricity bill, this is the best AC for you.

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