Best soft air guns to make your kids ace markespeople

FP Studio December 11, 2020 15:32:02 IST
Best soft air guns to make your kids ace markespeople

Army style MK 14

A very realistic made gun that resembles an army style M4 MK14 sniper gun. It is made from high quality plastic that is highly durable and gives the gun a sturdy built. It is provided with a laser target system depicting the guns from PUBG which is very powerful so you are advised to be careful with it. The gun is 46cm in length and comes with 100 BB bullets. If you are looking for a soft air gun that is suitable for boys above the age of 6, HALO NATION Airsoft PUBG MK14 M4-1 Rifle Toy Gun is the product for you.

Real shooting feel

A non toxic plastic sport toy gun that is very safe for kids. It is a short gun equipped with a laser targeting system. You have to load the gun with plastic bullets that are provided with it which gives a very real gun loading feel to the kids. A pack of fifty plastic bullets is provided with this gun set. It is advised to use this gun by kids under adult supervision only and care has to be taken that no human or animal is used as a target. If you are looking for a toy gun for kids above 3 years, Mallexo Laser Light Gun Toy is the one for you.

Simple and cool air gun

A gun made of ABS plastic that is safe and odourless. It has a high quality rubber construction and a sturdy and strong barrel to hold the soft foam bullets solidly enhancing the safety of the user as well as people around. It has a very easy loading and can hold multiple balls a t one time, giving a shooting range of upto 8 meters. The gun has a simple mechanism that uses air to propel shooting which facilitates continuous manually firing. If your priority is safety first and looking for toy guns which can be used by small kid to young boys, Chocozone Shooting Gun Toy Ball Blaster Gun is the best buy for you.

Two variety of bullets

A soft bullet gun made of very high quality material that is strong and durable. The Blaze storm gun has an excellent build which gives complete grip and comfort along with having an attractive design and colour combination. It consists of twenty soft foam bullets and suction darts that get fired at long distances just by a press on the trigger lever. If you are looking for a compact air gun for kids FunBlast Foam Blaster Gun Toy, Blaze Storm Manual Soft Bullet Gun Toy for Kids is the one for you.

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