Best skincare kits for women

FP Studio August 25, 2020 09:29:21 IST
Best skincare kits for women

Get the glow

The kit has a facewash, a basil and parsley soap, a shampoo and conditioner and a face lotion. The facewash contains pure honey and extracts of wild turmeric. It is 100% soap-free. It dissolves makeup and impurities and softens skin. It also helps lighten the complexion. The soap washes away body impurities gently and does not disturb the natural skin balance. The shampoo helps nourish the scalp and hair with natural minerals and proteins. The combination is such that it sinks into the skin and helps replace a lot of natural oils. This is the perfect skincare kit if you seek a fresher, fairer complexion.

For a moisturizing treatment

A facepack, a scrub and a face wash are part of this set. The face wash in this kit gently washes dead skin cells and helps in unclogging pores to reveal softer and smoother skin. The scrub helps in eliminating blackheads and prevents acne from recurring. The pack is enriched with the goodness of red lentil, lemon and honey and the deep cleansing apricot face wash and leaves your skin moisturised. All products in this kit are perfect for all skin types and constant use of this will make your skin soft, fresh and radiant. The magic of neem will help in dealing with acne and leave your skin hydrated. This product is a go to choice for all pimple-related problems.

Non-shiny appearance

This bundle contains a facemask, a moisturiser, a toner and a face wash. The kit caters specifically to oily skin and it will also help reduce excessive oiliness and give a clear look to your face. The alcohol-free toner helps reduce blemishes and will give you a smooth, well-toned skin at all times. The moisturizing gel promises to give you a gentle yet effective appearance to the skin with a non-shiny matte finish. The clay-based mask will help improve the texture of the skin and leave it refreshed and energised all day. If you have oily skin and you are really tired of the breakouts then this is the one stop solution to all your problems.

Pamper your skin

There is a shower gel, a bathing bar, potpourri, scented candle and a loofah in this exciting kit. Orange which is the top ingredient in the bathing bar is perfect for the soothing and radiant complexion while honey will help in the scar healing process. It also has coconut, which is known for its moisturising properties. It is perfect in removing the dead upper layer of your skin and will reveal a younger, smooth and supple skin. The shower gel which comes in the kit is tailor made for most luxurious lather. The scented candle creates a spa ambience which will surely uplift your mood. This is an ideal kit for those who want a 360-degree care and protection for their skin.

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