Best shoes for boys

FP Studio October 14, 2020 16:10:16 IST
Best shoes for boys

Sneakers that look like boots

Looking for something affordable and casual? These ankle length boots are made up of artificial leather and rubber. They have a good grip which helps your little one stay on their feet even on a slippery surface. These boots make your child look stylish and trendy and are extremely affordable. This product is an absolute steal at this price point and will appeal to those who seek an affordable pair of shoes.

Available in six solid colours

These shoes are extremely comfortable and stylish. Your boy will love it. Available in six solid colours such as red, black, yellow, white and grey, these shoes are extremely light weight and are an easy fit. The outer sole is made up of PVC with a soft lining, while the insides of these shoes have comfortable soft memory foam. The memory foam provides the kind of cushioning needed for daylong wear you are looking for shoes for your kid which is quirky and lightweight, this pair is a superb option.

Water resistant shoes

Good for casual wear as well as sporty events, one of the plus points of this pair is that it does not have any laces. The velcro system gives a hassle-free experience to put shoes on and adjust them accordingly. Taking these shoes off is also equally easy. Another plus when it comes to this pair of shoes is that they are water resistant. For its easy wearability, this one should be at the top of the buying list.

Very little maintenance

If you have an energetic and athletic child at home, these shoes would be perfect for them. The navy blue colour of these shoes adds up to the sophistication and grip of the sole makes it skid proof. The shoes are made of mesh and require very little maintenance. Just a wipe with a cloth and you are good to go. They are airy and soft which will enhance your child’s performance if they are into sports. They are available in five colours: black, brown, navy, grey and beige. If you are looking for a pair of sport shoes, these are for you.

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